Travel With Your Favourite People

Wheelchair Transfer

People who are disabled or injured cannot get around easily from one place to another. But outdoor activities of those people should be given more importance. Maxicab Transfers know this fact more than anyone. Persons who are in wheelchairs need extra care and attention. If you have such a person as your family member or as your friend, feel free to make tour plans with them. A trip is supposed to enjoy exciting moments and to make pleasant memories. And those are the main motives of taking a trip. Maxicab Transfers let disabled people to enjoy a trip to the core as we provide wheelchair transfer services for them. With a spacious foot area, smooth and gliding ramp, and an assisting driver, everyone in the trip can enjoy the moments without any tension.

Limousine Services

If you are planning for a wedding, you want everything to be on point. Then what about the arrival of the bride and groom at the venue at the exact time? The vehicle should be posh and extravagant for it is used by the big shots on their big day. To make it successful, go for the limousine services offered by Maxicab Transfers. Limousine is comfortable and perfect for the wedding couple to celebrate with their family and friends on their way. Because of the lengthy and spacious area of the limousine, even a big and gorgeous wedding dress finds an enormous place to settle down. You can make a wedding toast using the bar inside the limo. Allow the wedding vibe to surround yourselves with the high defined music system. You can also plan trips by hiring a limousine. Maxicab Transfers let you stay cozy and comfortable on your whole journey.

Make Moments Memorable

Maxicab Transfers once sent a 23 seater minibus for a family to spend their holiday by taking a trip across Singapore. It took 1 hour to reach their destination. There were three children in their family. And they insisted on visiting the Singapore Zoo. Their journey was very fun. They played games, danced, and sang songs. Photos and videos were taken to capture their exciting moments. The family was super comfortable in the minibus. Their luggage was secured in a spacious area. Kids were also seated perfectly as they were provided with baby car seats. They had no worry about parking the vehicle in a perfect place. Further, they make no wait while getting into the bus once they have returned from the destination.

Best Chauffeurs

The qualities of a best driver are punctuality, modesty, best knowledge of routes and places, communication, and most importantly best driving skills. For instance, if a pregnant woman is inside the car, the driver should know how to drive the car smoothly. So that the woman feels no fatigue or pain. It goes the same for an elderly person or an injured person. The drivers of Maxicab Transfers are highly experienced and they know how to drive efficiently.

The knowledge of local places in Singapore is a fingertip concept for our drivers. They know every nook and corner of cities inside Singapore. If the customer is confused about their destination after getting into the car, then our driver assists the customer in every way possible. Please keep in mind that drivers of Maxicab Transfers drop you at the exact destination even if you convey some landmarks near the destination. We assure our customers with 100% reliable and trustworthy services.

Contact Us Anytime

Customers can book their travel in advance. On the other hand, you can also book your vehicle at the neck of the moment. As our drivers provide services for 24×7, you do not have to be stressed about the availability of the expected vehicle or driver. You can visit us using to book your vehicle. Our customers are impressed by the quick responses and the cost-effective prices of Maxicab Transfers. There is no charge for pre-bookings and there are hidden charges. To hire a professional Maxicab services in Singapore, don’t hesitate to contact Maxicab Transfers.

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