Things You Need To Know Before Visiting Singapore

A Well Planned Schedule

No matter how hard we plan for a trip, sometimes we will be confused after reaching the spot. Therefore, a crystal clear schedule should be prepared before the trip. The persons who are ready to go for the trip are supposed to make a list that has their requirements. And that helps everyone in organising their bags and luggage. Some painkillers and medicines also should be included in the list. Other than that, pack some of your favourite food items. However, some people like to have the food that is famous in the destination area. On the contrary, some of us prefer home cooked food without any preservatives.

Clothing Necessities

With all these things in mind, we advise you to prepare a plan before leaving for your trip. The next important thing is clothes. Singapore has several seasons. As per the weather on your trip days, you have to choose your dresses. As Singapore has a tropical climate most of the time, we recommend you pack lightweight and comfortable dresses. If the trip is outdoors like taking walks, outdoor activities, cycling, playing sports, and so on, then choose clothes according to the perspiration and sunlight exposure. Do not forget to bring hats, umbrellas, and sunscreen lotion for the trip.

How Maxicab Helps You?

If you want a budget friendly cab service in Singapore to look around multiple places, then Maxicab Transfers comes for your quality services. Most of the tourists do not know about the exciting places across the country. Our cab drivers who are more experienced in showing amazing tourist spots to our customers make you enjoy the most of Singapore. Though Singapore is a small country, the tourist spots are numerous. From museums to parks, from gardens to beaches, from hills to caves, there is nothing you cannot see in Singapore.

Some Legal Things You Need To Know

As tourists, you should know some rules of Singapore that you must follow within the country. Some common regulations are that you should not spit on public places, stick chewing gum on public properties, and put cigarettes on the drain. These activities may result in paying fines to the appropriate sector. For more punishable activities like carrying drugs, then you will be punished with severe penalties. Singapore is a safest country and you can enjoy freely all around Singapore without any anxiety.

Interesting Facts About Durian

Durian is one of the most unique exotic fruits in Asian countries like Thailand, Singapore, and so on. If you hit the markets of Singapore, you might smell the pungent odour of durian. You might wonder then why people are consuming the fruit. The secret is that you should eat durian before it gets ripe. People prefer to buy durian before the sunlight hits the place. Because the exposure of sun makes durian to ripe faster. Yet some of the people cannot stand the sulphur-like stench of durian. For the convenience of the people, the government of Singapore banned people from carrying durians on public transportation.

Enjoy the Whole of Asia

Singapore has four official languages and the country has vast multicultural features. Singapore comprises people from different Asian countries as their natives. The majority of the population is Chinese, Malays, and Indians. Obviously, this leads to a variety of street foods and numerous cultural activities. The ethnic and cultural harmony of Singapore never fails to amaze the tourists. By visiting Singapore, one can learn and enjoy a whole lot about several countries in Asia.

The Use of Currency

Singapore has a higher cost of living compared to other Asian countries. Yet tourists can find cheaper and delicious food, cheaper and comfy accommodation in Singapore. The currency used in the country is the dollar. Currently, 1 dollar is equal to 1.39 Singapore dollars. Credit cards and debit cards are widely accepted in the shops of Singapore. But we advise you to carry cash in your hands. ATMs can be found all over the country. Some small shops and street vendors are still used to sell things for cash.

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