Singapore’s Leading Taxi Services

24x7 Availability of Maxicab Transfers

Taxis can be found in almost all of the places in Singapore. You can see taxis in front of hotels, airports, taxi stands, and much more. But the thing customers have to check is the condition and reliability of the taxis. At Maxicab Transfers, we assure our customers with 100% trust and availability.

In some cases, tourists ended up confused about their destinations. Then our drivers come to your rescue and clarify all your doubts. Before booking a cab, some of you may wonder whether the cab is available or not. On the contrary, you do not have to think of the availability of Maxicab taxis. Our taxis and minibus are available around the clock even if it is a last minute booking. We do not charge extra if you book a taxi in advance.

Punctuality and Safe Experience

Whenever a customer books a taxi or a minibus for any occasion at Maxicab Transfers, our drivers usually reach the spot before the exact time. For instance, if a family books a minibus for a trip at seven in the morning, our minibus will be in the pick-up place at 6:50 AM itself. This quality also applies for quick pick-ups and drop-offs.

Sometimes, kids, elders or even pregnant ladies will be on board. Generally, customers let us know whether they have some health issues like heart ailments. In those cases, Maxicab drivers drive smoothly even in traffic and assure a calm and safe environment for the customers. Some people like to reach their destination faster. Then our drivers remind you to wear your seatbelt and drive quickly and steadily to the appropriate spot.

Excellent Features of Taxis in Singapore

Taxi is an inexpensive way of transportation in Singapore. You can easily find taxis anywhere across the country. The meters that are fitted on the taxis are regulated accordingly. Almost all of the taxi drivers in Singapore know the English language and they converse fluently with the customers from English speaking countries.

If you are looking for a taxi while standing at the sidewalk, you can easily find one by the colour at the top of the taxi. If it is green in colour, then the taxi is open to be hired. For hassle-free transportation and to enjoy a trip to the core, go for taxis in the country. The taxis in Singapore abide by the vehicle rules and policies laid by the government. Furthermore, in the situation of pandemic, Maxicab Transfers sanitize the taxis completely before and after a pick-up.

Maxicab Transfers as the Best Choice

Maxicab Transfers is considered to be one of the top 10 brands of Singapore. Our services are available 24 hours a day. Enlighten wedding occasions and traditional and cultural festivities with Maxicab Transfers. Many of our customers like to know about the charges of waiting time. Our cab services render 10 minutes of complimentary waiting time for common transfers and we wait for 60 minutes as a complimentary for airport pick-up and transfers. While arriving at the airport, the exact time of the process is unpredictable and hence we offer this complimentary waiting time.

Fleet of Maxicab Transfers

Our array of vehicles include 7 seater maxi cab, 9 to 13 seater minibus, 6 seater Toyota Alphard, and 23 seater minibus, 6 seater limousine, and 40/45/49 seater bus. If you want to give a posh entry on your wedding, then book our limousine for your big day. All of our vehicles are insured and accurately follow the rules and policies laid by the government of Singapore. There are no hidden charges as Maxicab Transfers are known for the transparency.

Immense Knowledge of Native Drivers

Our drivers are reputed and experienced in the field of driving and transportation for decades. They know the local geographical area of Singapore. And so customers can reach their destination avoiding traffic and uncomfortable roads. If you are new to Singapore and even if you have no knowledge about certain areas in the country, then you can ask your doubts to drivers. There is nothing compared to the native people’s miscellaneous knowledge about the country.

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