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Omicron Variant: How Maxicab Transfers taking the best measures to ensure customer safety?

What is the omicron variant?

After the Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta variants of the COVID-19 virus, the world is now facing a new life-threatening variation of the COVID-19, the Omicron variant.

The first case of the Omicron variant of COVID-19 was found in Botswana. Soon after that, on November 24, scientists in South Africa found the new variant of COVID-19 and reported it to the WHO.

The World Health Organization (WHO) identified the Omicron variation of COVID-19 as a “variant of concern” on November 26, 2021.

When compared to the original COVID-19, the Omicron virus is claimed to have more than 50 mutations. Only the spike protein of the Omicron version has 32 mutations, according to virologists. The spike proteins in the latest COVID-19 variant, Delta, had only 8 alterations. To begin with, this is horrible news. Due to the high number of mutations, vaccinations created in the last year and a half are unlikely to be effective against the Omicron version.

Prof. Francois Balloux, director of the University College London Genetics Institute, has expressed concern that the Omicron virus will not only be highly transmissible but will also be able to reinfect persons who have already contracted COVID-19 and its other variations and recover entirely.


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Table of Contents

How can we make ourselves safe?

As per the latest news reports, the Omicron variant has already spread to 38 countries. Given this fast transmission of Omicron, it can be estimated that it will transmit to other countries soon as well.

On top of that, WHO sees the Omicron as a “very high” risk variant of COVID-19.

Here, the best approach to this threatening variant is to be ready before it hits us. This proactive approach can save valuable lives.

Get your COVID-19 vaccination

First and foremost, it is important that you get the COVID-19 vaccination. Mostly, all the vaccines prepared for COVID-19 have proved to be effective against the virus. Also, the vaccination will save you from the Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta variants as these variants have a lower number of mutations in the spike proteins. Spike proteins are the most important part of any COVID-19 variant as they decide the success of the infection. Although it is true that the Omicron variant is excessively mutated compared to the original COVID-19 for which the vaccine was prepared, it will have some effect and can save your life as well.

We cannot wait for the variant to spread and affect us. We have to make use of all the resources we have at our disposal. The COVID-19 vaccine will surely provide some level of protection against the Omicron variant.

Similarly, as per the guidelines of WHO and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), you should get your booster shot as soon as possible if it’s due.

In public places, wear a mask

In order to protect ourselves from Omicron or any other COVID-19 variant, the best thing that one can do is to wear a mask in all types of congregate gatherings. Since the new Omicron variant is out there, whether the social setting where you are present is fully vaccinated or not, doesn’t matter. You should always wear a mask. This is a simple way to protect your valuable life.

What actions has the Singapore government taken to prevent or fight against the Omicron variant?

The Singaporean governance system is one of the most proactive governments in the world. It has shown it during the previous variants of COVID-19 as well. Singapore, in fact, was one of the first few countries to contain COVID-19 and return to normalcy.

Singapore, like other countries in the world, was planning to rebound to normal activities as per the perceived times. However, this new Omicron variant has posed a new threat. In view of this, the government of Singapore has taken the following important steps.

Quarantine policy for entry to Singapore

Singapore had earlier relieved all travelers with no symptoms from the condition of airport quarantine. However, now, things have changed. The Omicron variant is fast spreading to countries around the globe. Singapore has made the right decision to hold off on the quarantine free entry policy.

If this step is done rightly, there is no way the virus can penetrate into the country.

Increased testing of travelers

Testing helps in the right assessment and identifies the hotspots of viruses. A Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test can detect the Omicron variant of COVID-19. Singapore’s government has resolved to increase the number of tests for travelers. This will surely help in combating the Omicron variant of COVID-19.

Yes, all our drivers are fully vaccinated for their own safety as well as the safety of our valued clients.

Yes, we are providing our services as per normal during the covid -19 pandemic. However, we take into account to follow the Government’s guidelines and rules for passenger movement in transportation services.

  • Compulsory masks for drivers and all employees.
  • No service without a mask.
  • Provision of hand sanitizers to users if asked.
  • All vehicles are cleaned and their seat sanitized before and after each trip.


Face masks are still required whether you drive or take a cab. A fitting mask that covers your nose and mouth must be worn.

All of our drivers have been immunised. However, social separation is practised by leaving the front seat empty.

Cases that are identified are placed in government healthcare facilities

The omicron variant is still in its infancy. In case of a breakout, the patient should be kept in government facility care so as to limit the further spread of the viruses. The government has resolved to do this as well.

What kind of measures does Maxicab Transfers take to prevent or fight against the Omicron variant?

Maxicab Transfers is a responsible business and nothing comes before the importance of the health of its users and clients.

Here are some of the measures Maxicab has already taken. Whereas some are anticipated if, unfortunately, the Omicron variant enters and spreads in Singapore.

  • It is compulsory to wear masks for drivers and all employees.
  • No service without a mask.
  • Having sanitizers on hand to kill germs and Omicron variants
  • Vacant seats for social distancing
  • Compulsory full vaccination of all drivers
  • All Vehicles are cleaned and sanitized after each trip.


Who should consider using our services?

It is always a hassle to sanitize your vehicle before every trip. Do not worry if you fail to manage enough time to sanitize your vehicle and take proper measures against covid-19 protection. Here at Maxicab Transfers, we maintain and sanitize our vehicles before and after every trip. So you, your colleagues, and your family members are always safe on every trip with us.

Maxicab Transfers is a reputable name in Singapore as far as the travel industry is concerned. We offer safe, luxurious, and hassle-free travel opportunities to all our clients at competitive prices. In view of the looming threat of Omicron variant of Covid-19, we have all the safeguards already in place for your safe and secure travel experience. We also offer airport arrival for SHN (stay home notice). All drivers will be in Full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

The services of Maxicab Transfers extend to the entire island of Singapore. So, if you are in Singapore, we can take you anywhere you want to go.

Plan a sightseeing tour or anything else related to traveling with your friends and family, our services will ensure that you travel exactly according to your plan and that too, without any kind of fatigue.

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