Maxicab Transfers for Private Transportation!

Services Available 24x7

No matter where you are, Maxicab Transfers assures that you can get the best transport services in Singapore. Sometimes, people find themselves in remote places and find it hard to hire a taxi. But it is not impossible. With Maxicab Transfers, one can easily book their maxi cab or minibus to transfer them and their luggage. You can also hire luxury with our limousine services. Sometimes, two or three people want to visit a place. At times, more than 10 people need to visit an event. We have a perfect range of vehicles for people to settle in.

Highly Professional Services

During the holidays, people of Singapore and other countries like to visit the most exciting destinations in Singapore. Some people know about their destination and more. But what about the people who do not know about Singapore? We are here to help you with that. Our experienced drivers clear your doubts and explain the fun factors of your tourist destinations. On the other hand, business people like to travel in silence. Experts from Maxicab Transfers understand the ambience and act accordingly to our customers.

Services We Offer

Maxicab Transfers has a wide range of services to meet the transport needs of our clients. We offer services like airport transfer, hourly charter, bicycle transfer, one-way transfer, and much more. One-way transfer services pick the customer from their place and drop them at their destination. School students and office employees need cab services every day and so we offer staff transfer services. On-time transfer services are highly important for airport transfers. By booking a cab at Maxicab Transfers, you need not worry about the traffic or empty slot in the parking area. Further, we provide excellent services for persons in wheelchairs. Our wheelchair transfer services include a smooth ramp, so people can easily glide in our maxi cab or our minibus.

Participate in Triathlon With No Worries

There are active and enthusiastic athletes in Singapore who participate in triathlons. They take training for long sessions and prepare themselves for the sports event. Though a triathlon event has been passed on May, 2022, there will be another event in the coming year. Maxicab Transfers can help you with a major thing. And that is transferring your bicycle to the respective place. Bicycles should be in perfect condition while participating in a triathlon. We know your priority and give special attention while transferring your bicycle and other bulky items.

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