Make Special Travel Arrangements For Big Day!

What Comes to Mind While Booking a Vehicle?

Whenever we plan to book a rental vehicle, we should think of the persons who are going to be on the journey and the stuff we bring along for the trip. The crucial concept is that the people who are ready to travel should check upon the things they need for their journey. As per the occasion, you are required to prepare the things before the beginning of the journey. Some may need their medicine or some may carry their babies along with them. And so they should check upon their accessories. 

What comes next is the most important one. And that is to book a vehicle according to your necessities. According to the number of people and the luggage, you should pick a maxi cab or a minibus or a bus. Maxicab Transfers offers several and diverse options for our customers. This results in customers choosing their comfortable vehicle with convenience. And for special days like marriage ceremonies and anniversaries, you can present your beloved an exciting trip on a limousine.

Toyota Alphard

Maxicab Transfers has the best luxury car in Singapore and that is Toyota Alphard. This is a magnificent mode of transport for your big days. And professionals can also rent Toyota Alphard from Maxicab Transfers to provide a splendid trip to your business partners. In this limo, 6 persons can travel comfortably and can fit in 4 cabin-sized luggage. Obviously, this vehicle is an excellent choice to greet your family, friends, and business representatives at Airport. And you can give them the most convenient ride to their destination in Singapore.

Most of the people in Singapore choose Toyota Alphard for their wedding day. To take the bride or groom along with their bridesmaid and groomsmen to the wedding venue, a grand limo serves the best option. Even wedding photoshoots look grand with the sight of a limousine. You can make posh photos with your partners by hiring a Toyota Alphard. For a small group of people, Toyota Alphard is a boon to travel comfortably with the speck of luxury.

Fleet of Buses in Maxicab Transfers

But what about a luxury vehicle for a large number of people? Maxicab Transfers has a solution for that too. Just pack your belongings and get on the bus of Maxicab Transfers. Our executive and luxury coaches have various options and they are 40/45/49 seater buses. Family events, corporate occasions, school and college trips, and much more can be a blast with our luxury bus. The features of these buses are no joke. Air-conditioning, reclining seats, curtains, on-board entertainment, PA systems are some of the attributes you can avail on our buses.

Some of our customers ask for particular requirements while they book their vehicle. Maxicab Transfers provides a textbox on our online form for our customers to fill in their needs and demands. Just text us your essentials on the textbox and our team will reach out to you to discuss further about them. A trip or a journey with a whole lot of people is not an easy one. Just grab the opportunity and make fond memories with your friends and family. And customers can also sort out their deal with their delegates while they are on their business trip. Just make your trip comfortable with the executive coaches of Maxicab Transfers.

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