How To Get Around Singapore?

Benefits of Booking a Maxi Cab

The maxi cab is one of the easiest modes of transportation to reach your desired location. Indeed, most of the people in Singapore agree with this statement. Even foreigners who visit Singapore know the comfort of private maxi cabs. The first and foremost advantage is that you do not have to wait for a long time to catch your transport vehicle. It saves time. Likewise, maxi cabs are cost-effective in Singapore. In particular, Maxicab Transfers in Singapore charge our customers reasonable rates. There will be no hidden charges.

Maxi Cabs For Airport Transfers

When it comes to airport transfers, Maxicab Transfers allows you to feel at ease. In most cases, people reach their terminal a long time before. With the punctual quality of Maxicab Transfers, you can reach the airport on-time and you can board your flight without any delay. All you have to do is inform us about the exact time of your flight and the time you wish to be inside the airport. The maxi cab is the most reliable and safe mode of transport for people.

Ways To Explore Singapore!

Singapore always remains as a hotspot for foreigners to spend their holidays. Compared to the international visits in 2020, the count has increased up to 1100% in 2021. People from Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Australia, and the Philippines visit Singapore more than any other country. The first thought when they land in Singapore is how to look around Singapore. What is the mode of transport that they should use? The country has a lot of choices.

Some of the easiest and comfortable ways to get around Singapore are buses, taxis, river taxis or bumboats, and MRT (The Mass Rapid Transit System). Buses and taxis can be seen across Singapore. They are affordable and easy to travel around. There are several private taxi service providers that offer quick and reliable services. In the case of buses, you should have to have an EZ-link card for fare payment. Even for MRT, you can use your EZ-link card. The drawback in using MRT is the crowds at peak hours. If you want to enjoy the bays and banks of Singapore, then the must-visit is a bumboat. The sight-seeing is an amazing experience if you are on a river taxi or a bumboat.

How to Hire Us?

Maxicab Transfers always assures our clients of various services and different vehicles. All our vehicles are insured and maintained according to the norms of motor vehicle rules and regulations. Our excellent fleet comprises a 6-seater limousine, 7-seater maxi cab, 9/13-seater minibus, 13-seater executive minibus, 23-seater minibus, and 40/45/49-seater bus. You can choose the appropriate vehicle as per the amount of luggage and number of persons. Just click and you can see ‘Make A Reservation’ at the bottom. Book the desired vehicle and fill in your credentials. You can also give us specific instructions in the ‘Special Instructions’ text area. For instance, you can ask for a kid’s seat or you can inform us if a wheelchair user is boarding the vehicle. We will be prepared to meet your demands before we reach your pick-up location.

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