Exceptional Qualities of Our Chauffeurs!

Successful services of Maxicab Transfers greatly rely upon our prominent array of vehicles and professional chauffeurs. In this post, let’s see about the attributes of the chauffeurs of Maxicab Transfers. The first thing that we have to know is that a driver is not a chauffeur. A driver is the one who drives the vehicle with excellence. But a chauffeur is an experienced individual who drives the vehicle and they look after the travel needs of the customers as well. Chauffeurs of Maxicab Transfers are well-trained and they have a lot of experience of handling professional and official clients.

Not Everyone Can Be A Chauffeur!

A person with a driver’s license and a few years of driving experience can be a driver. But a chauffeur is expected to come under certain criteria to call themselves a professional chauffeur. Maxicab Transfers hires chauffeurs and trains them to provide world-class customer service. Chauffeurs are supposed to take responsibility for their actions. And so, they are more careful and striving in their job. On the other hand, a driver is just focused on dropping a client from a particular place to their destination on-time.

Priorities of Our Chauffeurs!

Assisting our clients safely is the very first priority of the chauffeurs of Maxicab Transfers. Customer service always comes before everything for our chauffeurs. Our chauffeurs are experienced at operating luxurious vehicles like executive buses, executive minibuses, and limousines. Though many of the private transportation services have luxury vehicles, people are not sure whether they can provide the best chauffeurs to guide them. But our chauffeurs are focused on the comfortable travel of our clients.

Code of Ethics!

Maxicab Transfers has a team of friendly and communicative specialists as chauffeurs. They ensure that our customers get the best customer service. Our chauffeurs greatly follow the dress code and professional etiquette while escorting our clients. Our limo chauffeur always reaches the destination prior to the stated time. It is because we do not want to make excuses to our clients about traffic or weather-related delays. Some of the other skills of our chauffeurs are highly decisive, time-managing, attentive, and wearing professional attire according to the occasion. 

Book Maxicab Transfers now for professional events like corporate gatherings and global conferences in Singapore. You can also hire us for your big days like wedding ceremonies, graduation days, anniversaries, and more.

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