Things To Do And Not To Do In Singapore

There are a lot of countries which always attract tourists as they never fail to amuse the tourists. One such country is the most popular Asian country, Singapore. Though this country is a small one compared to other countries, Singapore has a never ending list of exciting tourist destinations. One can explore everything you need to know in Singapore. From various cuisines to diverse cultures, people always have something to admire when they hit the streets of Singapore. In this post, Maxicab Transfers lets you know about the do’s and don’ts of the country.

Technology Meets Nature

First, let’s see the things you have to do in Singapore. If you are a visitor in Singapore and you want to feel connected with the attractive and prominent places, then Gardens by the Bay is a must one. The very first thing you notice while looking up for this place is the supertrees. Rather than pictures, panoramic views from the top of the tallest supertree definitely mesmerise you. Singapore Botanic Gardens and National Orchid Garden should be added to the list as they have various florae.

More Amusing Destinations

If you want to enjoy tranquillity and like to escape from reality, just visit museums in Singapore. The answers for the cross-cultural relationship between Asian countries can be attained in museums like the Asian Civilisations Museum, National Museum Singapore, and the National Gallery Singapore. Furthermore, people know more about the prevailing multiculturalism in Singapore by visiting Little India and Chinatown. Visits in these areas convey more history than modernity.

Numerous Hawker Centres

Here comes the most important thing, ‘Food’. Of course, we want to try delicious dishes from various countries. Hawker centres in Singapore make sure to fulfil that wish of our tourists. Across Singapore there are countless hawker centres that sell mouth-watering dishes like laksa, murtabak, nutty satak, and much more. Make sure that you bring cash and small notes while visiting hawker centres in Singapore.

What Not To Do?

Every country has its own rules and regulations that may seem to be bizarre for people who belong to some other country. But people should know basic conventions before visiting a country. Singapore is known for its cleanliness in its downtown. Dropping litter is not an acceptable thing in Singapore. People always make sure that they do not throw away waste recklessly on the streets.
Chewing gum is banned in the country and so before landing in Singapore, check your bags for any chewing gum. Vandalism is strictly prohibited. Likewise, graffiti is not allowed as well. If you like to smoke, do it in the particular smoking spots that are usually far away from crowded places. Eating on public transportation is also prohibited in Singapore. Before visiting Singapore, keep yourself updated with the rules and regulations.
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