Best Vehicle For Road Trips!

A Group is Better than an Individual

Planning for a long trip includes perfect organisation and packing. It is always difficult to travel alone. An individual who takes care of everything he/she needs while travelling is a real struggle. But a group of people can share the responsibilities and make it easier to travel afar. The first thing we think about before a trip is food. Where do we have food during the journey and at the destination? Everyone thinks of it. Chauffeurs of Maxicab Transfers know every nook and corner of Singapore. They ensure that you are having your food in the reputed hotels or restaurants.

Too Small For a Bus but Too Big For a Maxi Cab?

If your group has a certain number and it is hard to settle in a maxi cab or a charter bus that is too big for your group, you should choose a minibus as your comfortable vehicle. At Maxicab Transfers, we have a 9/13/23-seater minibus. They are maintained with perfection. We take care of hygiene and a warm atmosphere within our minibus. Our customers always feel at ease while travelling on our minibus. With cushioned seats, generous space for leg room, and air-conditioning, our minibus never fails to amuse our customers. For a warm and relaxing trip, hire our minibus. We also have a 13-seater executive minibus for corporate and professional events.

Why Should We Travel?

Whenever people want to take a break from their busy schedule, they do various activities to stimulate their physique and brain. And one of those activities is going on a trip with your family and friends. Travelling with our loved ones serves as a healing period. It is interesting to organise a trip with our friends. If one of the friends concentrates on driving, then he/she might miss most of the fun during the trip. So we suggest you hire an excellent vehicle and an experienced driver at Maxicab Transfers. Create memories and enjoy every moment without any worries.

Benefits of Choosing Us

Standard transport services and affordable prices are available in one place in Singapore. And that is Maxicab Transfers. We have a spectacular range of fleets that can be suitable for various sorts of occasions. Booking a vehicle at Maxicab Transfers is a super easy thing. All you have to do is visit our home page and fill in your credentials and transport needs in the ‘Reservation’ area. We have no hidden charges. You can also put forth your demands in the special instructions area.

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