Exclusive Features of Transport Service Providers

Imagine if you are all set to visit a friend or a professional person but you do not want to be weary by the time you meet them. It is basic etiquette, right? What to do to stay as sprightly as possible? Well, Maxicab Transfers in Singapore is at your service to take you anywhere on the island at anytime. You can meet your friends and colleagues with growing enthusiasm. Here, we bring you what are all the things to look at before booking a transport service provider in Singapore.

Highly Maintained Fleet

Before going on a trip, we always make sure that the particular vehicle is in perfect condition. Similarly, Maxicab Transfers checks the well-being of our vehicles frequently. As we escort officials and academic personalities to their important events, there should be no delay in reaching the location. We ensure that our vehicles are in excellent mechanical condition.

To cater to every kind of occasion, we have several choices of vehicles for clients. For a small group of people, a 7-seater maxi cab and a 9-seater minibus are appropriate. A 13/23-seater minibus is suitable for a large group of people. If you are a bunch of people going for a long journey with a lot of luggage, then you choose our 40/45/49-seater bus. For professional events, VIP escort, and weddings, a 6-seater limousine and a 13-seater executive minibus are at your service.

Experienced Chauffeurs

What makes the difference between normal drivers and experienced drivers? Experienced drivers know the routes very well. Their familiarisation gives them knowledge of traffic jams and road conditions. They think of the weather conditions before getting on a trip and they let you know about various things regarding your destination and its route. Experienced drivers are customer-oriented, hospitable, punctual, and professional. Maxicab Transfers hires drivers based on their experience, skills, and knowledge of vehicles, routes, and locations.

Book For All Sorts Of Events

No matter what kind of event there is, a good transport provider facilitates you at the right time. For instance, if you are a wedding planner, a lot of things will be going on your mind. You are required to travel back and forth. All you need is a perfect and punctual transport service provider. Maxicab Transfers provides services for wedding preparations, bachelor/bachelorette party, transporting wedding guests, and grand entrance for bride and groom.

Quality Service Available 24/7

Maxicab Transfers offers transport services round-the-clock. Individuals or a group of people can travel with convenience and comfort with the help of our fleet and professional drivers. Clients reach their destination on-time without any stress. As we expect unexpected things, we make sure that we plan everything ahead of time. We provide transfer services 24/7, and so you can hire our services even at peak hours.

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