High-Quality Wheelchair Transfer in Singapore

Sometimes, some people come across situations where they spend their days in a wheelchair. Though some people feel bad about this kind of situation, the world is ready to accept the way you are and treat you with love and respect. The efforts people or a country takes to make life easy for wheelchair users are abundant.

From parks, malls, to offices and institutions, a wheelchair-bound person can easily visit all those places with no worries. But what about transportation? Is it available all the time for wheelchair-users? In this blog, Maxicab Transfers brings you some answers and solutions for your transfer issues and queries.

Exclusive Wheelchair Transfer Services

Travel is a basic thing in our day-to-day life. People go to offices, academic institutions, field work, and much more every day. Obviously, there are several modes of transportation in Singapore. But what is the easy and comfortable mode of transport for a wheelchair-user? We highly recommend a maxi cab or a minibus transfer service.

Maxicab Transfers is a trustworthy private transport provider in Singapore for wheelchair transfer services. We provide exclusive wheelchair transfer services with our well-maintained fleet. No matter what your need is, we persist in meeting all your demands and expectations. 

Surpassing Safety Standards

The safety of our clients is one of the crucial factors of Maxicab Transfers. We make no compromises when it comes to the protection of our clients. In the case of wheelchair transfers, we go through our safety measures and check them twice. Our drivers have a Taxi Driver’s Vocational License (TDVL) and a Private Hire Driver’s Vocational License (PDVL) issued by the Land Transport Authority.

Though a maxi cab accommodates up to 7 persons, an individual space is allotted for a wheelchair-user within the vehicle. Because of this, a wheelchair-bound person can travel in comfort. Further, our maxi cabs and minibuses have built-in ramps for smooth access. And the 3-point seatbelt makes sure that you are safe and secure.

Wheelchair Transfers of Maxicab Transfers

Maxicab Transfers in Singapore provides pleasant wheelchair transfer services at all times. Usually, people hire wheelchair transfer services for hospital checkups and vacations. Our professional chauffeurs know how to take good care of a wheelchair-user. They make sure that you have a relaxing trip. Moreover, we offer meet and greet services for wheelchair users at airports. Just make a reservation ahead of time and get into your maxi cab right when you come out of the airport. We render wheelchair transfer services even for every last minute reservation. No clients have to wait long for the arrival of their transfer services.

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