Hire Executive Minibus for Official Purposes!

There are minibus and bus transfer services across Singapore. And they are hired for various reasons by the people. Sometimes, tourists book minibuses for their easy travel. And there are Singaporeans who are regular customers to hire a maxi cab or a minibus. But what about the professional side? How about welcoming your business associates and delegates with a super professional vehicle? Maxicab Transfers has the solution. We have a stylish and comfortable executive class 13-seater Minibus with great upgrades. For business class travel, you can go for our executive minibus.

Escort Professionals!

The growth of Singapore is mind-blowing. Though it is a small country, it is a major hub for investment and business in Asia. No wonder Singapore always has more foreign direct investment. And it accounted for most of the FDI stock in the country. As a result, business partners visit Singapore often. To respect the delegates, we have to provide great experience of transportation as well.

For good hospitality, take care of their travelling in Singapore. Hire our 13-seater Executive Minibus and escort them with excellence. A good start paves the way for a healthy relationship between business partners. Moreover, a company or an organisation moves its management staff more professionally with our executive minibus.

Access Luxury Transport Vehicle

An executive vehicle is majorly used by officials and VIPs. For confidential conversations and business dealings, our executive 13-seater minibus is a wise choice. Most corporate companies do not like wasting the time while travelling with their employees. They like to use the time for the team-building process.

As our 13-seater minibus can accommodate 13 people comfortably, you can conduct mini-sessions and games. This helps to develop rapport between people. Our minibus is designed with high quality air conditioning, a premium sound system, and bright roof lights. You can also use our minibus to act as confidential communication vehicles, emergency support vehicles, and law enforcement duty vehicles.

Why Executive Minibus is Necessary?

During a trip, the most crucial thing is being comfortable. And when it comes to business class people, the quality of the service should be noticed with more attention. Our executive minibus can be rented for various reasons. Some of them are staff transport, advertisement campaigns; direct VIPs from airports, business meetings, and more.

You can use our vehicle for a wide range of official purposes. Above all, luxury and style do not always cost more money. At Maxicab Transfers, we charge each and every ride with reasonable charges. You may get to know more about our executive 13-seater minibus in its individual webpage as well. Book your ride at Maxicab Transfers and spend your time and money wisely for the best experience.

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