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Transport Services That You Need

There are some transport services in Singapore that provide affordable and appropriate vehicles for every occasion. And such transport service includes Maxicab Transfers. Usually, people hire vehicles with chauffeurs to go to their workplace or for the safe journey of their children to school or educational institutions and much more. And the transport needs for each and every person changes according to their requirements and needs. But the excellent place to fulfil all your transport needs is here, Maxicab Transfers. Just go ahead and explore the vehicles we have on our fleet.

40/ 45/ 49 Seater Bus

First, let me explain the advantages and facilities we have on our bus. We have a 40/ 45/ 49 seater bus. It is the best option for a large number of people to go on a tour, visit family events, and so on. These buses are surprisingly spacious and have a lot of space for leg area. Of course, the buses are fully air-conditioned and they are also furnished with reclined seats. The seats are very helpful for older people to be relaxed for the whole trip. And the important thing is privacy and we know it. Your windows are provided with curtains. This helps you to take rest with the assurance that no eyes are watching you.

Furthermore, our buses have on-board entertainment. It ensures that you do not feel bored during the journey. It also enlightens the mood of every person inside the bus. And the PA system on our buses render perfect and flawless sounds if you watch a movie or listen to songs while travelling. On the whole, our 40/45/49 seater bus is accurate for family trips, educational tours, and much more.

In Singapore, language is not a barrier. Especially when it comes to drivers of Maxicab drivers, you don’t have to worry about communication at all. As our drivers know how to converse in English fluently, the rapport between tourists and our drivers is a friendly one. You can ask opinions and suggestions about the tourist spots across Singapore. If you have minimal time but you want to spend your time in the best way, then ask our drivers about mind blowing nearby tourist destinations.

Minibus Services

Minibus is the perfect fit for any kind of occasion. We recommend minibus transport service for our customers if they opt for long journeys but they are not a large number of people. Maxicab Transfers have various options for the choice of minibus. We have 9 seater, 13 seater, and 23 seater minibus. As you can see, these options will be definitely fit for anyone who is arranging for a trip. In case you are planning to hire a minibus to go for a wedding, then do not hesitate to contact Maxicab Transfers.

The transport services that we provide are on a large scale. For instance, we offer services for airport transfer, bicycle transfer, hourly charter, one way transfer, staff transfer, wheelchair transfer, and much more. Moreover, the services comprise wedding transport, funerals, family occasions, and school bus services. You can visit our website and just take a glance at our services. Our customers feel that booking a vehicle with us is an easy thing.

Toyota Alphard

Every person cannot afford to buy a luxury vehicle. But we offer the services of Toyota Alphard to every person in Singapore. Sometimes, people like to hire a limousine for their big day or for some long journey. As we all know, a limousine gives the most comfortable ride with a spacious sitting area and stylish transport. You can also opt for our Toyota Alphard to take care of your corporate and international delegates.

Toyota Alphard can compromise up to seven passengers. So every person likes to hire a limousine for their wedding day. The entrance of the bride and groom is a remarkable incident in every wedding. Make it elegant and luxurious with our Toyota Alphard. Our drivers are courteous, communicative, and friendly who make punctual drop-offs to your destination. Our limo services are trustworthy and reliable for any occasions and trips.

Everyday Services

Generally, employees who work at corporate offices prefer the rush hour in the morning. Likewise, we also offer school bus services for students. Maxicab Transfers know it very well and make pick-up and drop-off on time. We offer a great transport service for workers. Moreover, corporate and private events can be relied on our transport services. For the transfer of bulky equipment like large TVs, surfing boards, and bicycles you can surely contact us.

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