Explore Singapore in this Festive Season!

Why Do We Need Festive Season?

Everyone in the world is stuck in a machine life. We do the same things again and again. And obviously we are used to it. At times, we need a break. There are festivals as a delightful solution. Festivals make people feel energetic and enthusiastic. They give hope to have better beginnings. We witness a happy change on the days of the festival. As far as Singapore is considered, people can enjoy a lot of festivals as well as holidays. The reason is Singapore comprises various cultures and religions of various countries within Asia.

Festivals of Asia

As for Chinese culture, one can enjoy the Chinese New Year that usually comes in the last week of January or first week of July. You can experience the concepts of Buddhism with Vesak Day. On this day, people admire the decorations of Buddhist shrines. People of Singapore spend a day with colourful fireworks as the festival Deepavali means ‘Festival of lights’. Deepavali has its origin in India and it comes from the religion, Hinduism.

Islamic Festivals in Singapore

When it comes to Islam, they have two major religious festivals. One is Hari Raya Puasa, commonly known as Eid Ul Fitr and another one is Hari Raya Haji, commonly known as Eid Ul Adha. During the month of Ramadan, Muslims around the world practice fasting and celebrate Eid Ul Fitr at the end of the month. Muslims perform pilgrimage to Mecca during the month of hajj. And at the end of this month, people celebrate Feast of Sacrifice. Both of these festivals are celebrated according to the lunar calendar. As a result, the days of celebration have changed over the years.

Year-End Festivals

As for the year-end festival, people celebrate a joyous festival and that is Christmas. Not only Christians, but people of various religions like to celebrate Christmas. It paves way for new beginnings. Consequently, New Year also gets in line for a massive celebration. Colourful lights and mind blowing decorations emerge during the last and first month of the year. People have holidays for consecutive days at this time of the year. And so it is the perfect time to plan an exciting trip with your family and friends. Maxicab Transfers introduce interesting offers for your holiday trips.

Cultural Festivals

The crucial and major factor of lifestyle in Singapore is multiculturalism. Due to this fact, Singapore has various cultural festivals as well. These kinds of cultural festivals fall majorly in the months of June, July, and August. Singapore Heritage Fest is celebrated in the month of July. You can encounter the tradition and cultures followed in Singapore by this festival. Along with that, you can also know more about the food, music, art, and dressing style of people in Singapore. There is another festival that is loved by food lovers. If you are interested in trying out various dishes, then visit Singapore during the month of July because the Singapore Food Festival is conducted during that month. The food carnivals let you enjoy the local foods of the country.

Best Time to Visit Singapore

Another cultural festival that involves food is Dragon boat festival as it is also known as ‘The Dumpling Festival’. Both domestic and international rowers participate in this festival as it has dragon boat races. People visit Singapore around the months of June and July as the Great Singapore Sale is happening in those months. Souvenirs can be brought on a big scale as there will be great discounts on the Great Singapore Sale.

Transportation Services

While visiting Singapore, one should give more importance to transportation. The options are simple and they are trains, buses, and taxis. And taxis are a convenient mode of transportation for any kind of person. Privacy is given in taxis and they are always available. Maxicab Transfers list out various kinds of vehicles according to your needs. Even if you have a small number of people or you have more people on your side, you can choose your comfortable vehicle at Maxicab Transfers. There are no hidden charges on our services. Moreover, people can ask for kid’s seat and wheelchair transfer services. We ensure quality transport services at cost-effective prices.

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