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In today’s world, everyone is busy with their schedule and plans. No one has time to spare for some healing time and relaxation. Maxicab Transfers provide the best services for your journey and make your trip a memorable one. First and foremost, we need a vehicle that satisfies our requirements and needs. And another important thing is the driver we accompany. Though driving skills of a driver is crucial, there are things to be considered more than their driving skills. And those are topographic knowledge, knowing dialects of various regions, knowledge of every part in cars, and much more. In this blog, let’s see about the reputed vehicles booked by the customers of Maxicab Transfers.

9 Seater Minibus

“What are the advantages we could have if we book a 9 seater minibus?”

“Is 9 seater minibus necessary for our travel?”

“Let’s choose a car smaller than a 9 seater minibus.”

 These are all the things that come into discussion while booking for a 9 seater minibus. A group of people who are more than 8 in number can definitely go for a 9 seater minibus. As minibuses in Maxicab Transfers have spacious seats and legroom, persons with stout personality can easily fit into our 9 seater minibus. Customers can also load bulky luggage in the backroom space of the minibus. If you are a person who is moving huge things from one place to another, then a 9 seater minibus is a convenient choice.

Furthermore, our buses have on-board entertainment. It ensures that you do not feel bored during the journey. It also enlightens the mood of every person inside the bus. And the PA system on our buses render perfect and flawless sounds if you watch a movie or listen to songs while travelling. On the whole, our 40/45/49 seater bus is accurate for family trips, educational tours, and much more.

In Singapore, language is not a barrier. Especially when it comes to drivers of Maxicab drivers, you don’t have to worry about communication at all. As our drivers know how to converse in English fluently, the rapport between tourists and our drivers is a friendly one. You can ask opinions and suggestions about the tourist spots across Singapore. If you have minimal time but you want to spend your time in the best way, then ask our drivers about mind blowing nearby tourist destinations.

13 Seater Minibus

There is always a time when we like to explore spectacular areas with our family and friends. For that, we book a vehicle for our needs. Obviously, people bring luggage that comprises food, clothes, and some miscellaneous things. If a family or a group of friends consists of 12-13 people, then a 13 seater minibus of Maxicab Transfers is more than a comfortable vehicle.

As we adhere to the safety standards set by the government of Singapore, our 13 seater minibus is a popular option chosen by our reputed customers. We have 3 point seat belts on every seat. Moreover, when a customer asks for a kid’s seat, we will provide it for the whole journey. Using a 13 seater minibus, you can transfer bulky items like television, bicycle, heavy boxes, surf boards, and much more that can fit into the 13 seater minibus. We also offer wheelchair transfer services. You can use this opportunity to take your wheelchair bound person out for a ride.

The transport services that we provide are on a large scale. For instance, we offer services for airport transfer, bicycle transfer, hourly charter, one way transfer, staff transfer, wheelchair transfer, and much more. Moreover, the services comprise wedding transport, funerals, family occasions, and school bus services. You can visit our website and just take a glance at our services. Our customers feel that booking a vehicle with us is an easy thing.

7 Seater Maxicab

The most popular cab service used by people in Singapore is the 7 seater maxicab. Anyone can easily get their 7 seater Maxicab as there are a lot of them running around the country. This specific cab is compact and people of any occupation and of any ages can afford it. Students, office employees, tourists, and many more people pick a 7 seater maxicab for their everyday travelling purpose. Maxicab Transfers do not charge any additional cost from our customers. Most of the 7 seater maxi cabs of Maxicab Transfers are hired for Airport Transfer services. Our chauffeurs are very professional and our experts will be updated with the schedule of the respective flights of customers. As a complimentary service, we offer 1 hour waiting time free of cost as there may be a variation in flight timings.

Toyota Alphard can compromise up to seven passengers. So every person likes to hire a limousine for their wedding day. The entrance of the bride and groom is a remarkable incident in every wedding. Make it elegant and luxurious with our Toyota Alphard. Our drivers are courteous, communicative, and friendly who make punctual drop-offs to your destination. Our limo services are trustworthy and reliable for any occasions and trips.

We Meet Your Demands

Along with 9/13 seater minibus, and 7 seater maxicab, Maxicab Transfers has a lot of vehicles for the requirements of our customers. You can just go through our website and check out our fleet of cabs, luxury cars, minibus, bus, and so on. And you can easily book your vehicle using the online form given on our website. Maxicab Transfers is the leading cab service provider in Singapore and has various options to choose as per your needs.

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