Charter Maxicab to see the greatest fireworks in Singapore this New Year’s Eve

Celebrate new year's eve with family, friends, and loved ones

New Year’s Eve is a special occasion that has a festivity of its own. Over time, the celebrations and related activities such as parties, shopping, etc., have also increased. Families and friends plan to visit each other. For many people, New Year’s Eve is a time of analysis of the past year and setting resolutions for the upcoming year. Many people also plan a family dinner to give a good start to the upcoming year. Also, at exactly midnight, amazing and wonderful fireworks happen throughout the world according to the respective time. People gather in large groups to see the old year out and the New Year in.

Throughout the world, New Year’s Eve is celebrated zealously. Singapore is also in the front row of countries that celebrate this eve with great enthusiasm.

Places to visit in Singapore to celebrate New Year's Eve

Marina Bay Singapore Countdown

If you love to watch dazzling fireworks, head to the glamourous Marina Bay this New Year’s Eve. A lot of groups are also present there on New Year’s Eve. As you countdown and ring in the New Year, you will witness great fun and festivity all around you. Definitely, it will become a permanent part of your delightful memories.

The Promontory

Games, rides, and breathtaking fireworks!

On New Year’s Eve, the promontory is another attraction among Singapore locals as well as tourists. You can take your friends and family to the Promontory on New Year’s Eve and have a great time.

Apart from this, there are many other locations in Singapore such as Esplanade, the Civic District, and Wave House Sentosa that you can visit with your friends and family and have a lovely New Year’s eve.

Charter 7 Seater Maxicab or 9 to 13 Seater Minibus to celebrate New Year

Just a few days are left before the New Year starts. Have you booked a vehicle of your choice to materialize your New Year plans into reality?

Check out Maxicab Transfer, which is indubitably the finest maxicab and minibus service provider in Singapore.

Maxicab Transfers provides services throughout Singapore. So you don’t have to worry about where you’re going for the New Year’s Eve party.

Similarly, Maxicab Transfers has a superb fleet of vehicles. Whether you need a Toyota Alphard 6 seater limo, a 7 seater maxicab, or a 9 to 13 seater minibus, we have all these vehicles in our wide-ranging fleet for you.

On New Year’s eve, different people require different types of maxicab services. Some just need to reach a certain point. For such people, oneway transfers and point-to-point transfers are the best options that Maxicab Transfers is currently managing for its valued clients.

On the contrary, some people have to travel with their friends and family in a group and visit several places during their New Year’s Eve outing. Hourly charter service by Maxicab Transfers is the best option for all types of travel.

Enjoy a hassle-free New Year's Eve with Maxicabt Transfers

One Way Transfer

One Way Transfer


Hourly Charter

Hourly Charter


We do not charge extra even when the demand is high

Meanwhile, as it’s the New Year and maxicab services are in high demand, the rates of many companies go skyrocketing. However, Maxicab Transfers keep it to a minimal increase to facilitate our esteemed clients.

People all over the world have been fighting COVID-19 for more than two years now. The vaccine has been invented and administered. However, this time we are faced with a new variant of COVID-19: Omicron. The new variant has more mutations than any other variant of COVID-19 that has surfaced so far. However, our clients must remain calm and assured that we have all the standard protocols in place for the safety of our employees as well as our valued clients.

The best thing about human beings is that they are exceptionally resilient. No disaster from the outside can destroy them. Just like 2020, 2021 was also a tough year for people around the globe. However, people didn’t bog down and stood their ground firmly. The celebration of New Year this time will speak of the big-heartedness and resilience of the human race throughout the world.

Since you are aware of the spectacular benefits of Maxicab transfers, pre-book your maxicab or minibus to enjoy the New Year Festiva to the fullest in the way you want.

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