Welcome to Maxicab Transfers.Book a Maxicab or Minibus now. 5 Star Service in Style. We Are Able To Cater To Last Minute Orders All Over Singapore. Our Prices are Transparent. All Vehicles are cleaned and Sanitised before each trip for your safety.Our service agents will give you a final quote. Thank You


Booking in SINGAPORE

Maxicab Transfers has been providing Maxicab and Minibus services for over 5 years in Singapore. We have an outsized fleet of maxicab and minibus starting from 6 Seater Toyota Alphard, 7 seater Maxicab, 9/13 seater Minibus to 23 Seater Minibus and 40/45/49 executive coach.

Our outsized fleet allows us to cater to eleventh hour orders everywhere in Singapore. With a response time of 30 minutes islandwide, we are the no.1 choice in Singapore. All our charges are full and final. There’s nothing to worry about hidden charges – we keep our communication with you fully transparent.

Before choosing a service provider, what could be better than checking their reviews on online platforms to know what people are saying about them. Maxicab Transfers has more than 100 reviews on different online platforms like GoogleFacebook, Instagram, linkedin and more.

Rates for 2023 Chinese New Year Period will have extra surcharges . Our service agents will give you a final quote.


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One Way Transfer


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Airport Transfer


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Hourly Charter


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Wheelchair Transfer


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Bicycle Transfers


Book a Maxi Cab or Minibus in Singapore

Travelling around Singapore is made easier with a maxicab and minibus booking – one that is reliable and trustworthy.

At Maxi Cab Transfers, we ensure that every booking made is fulfilled with a high quality of service through a dedicated chauffeur.

Our team of professional maxi cab and minibus drivers alongside a premium fleet of vehicles allow us to cater to a wide range of customers in Singapore. We comply with the regulations of the Land Transport Authority and we are licensed to use our vehicles for charter services around the country. All our passengers on board the maxi cab or minibus are insured.

Maxi Cab Transfers aims to be your one-stop provider for your transportation needs in Singapore. We pay great attention to the requirements of our customers and offer customized solutions with every booking.


9 to13 Seater Minibus

$ 65.00 Maximum Capacity
  • 13 Passengers [No Luggage]
  • 9 Passengers + 9 Luggage
  • 4 Passengers + 4 Adult Bicycles
Best VAlue

7 Seater Maxi Cab

$ 60.00 Maximum Capacity
  • 7 Passengers + 6/7 Medium Luggage
  • 4 Passengers + 2 Adult Bicycles

Toyota Alphard

$ 65.00 Maximum Capacity
  • 6 Passengers + 4 Luggage
  • 3 Passengers + 1 Adult Bicycle

Our Services

We offer premium quality transportation service at affordable and discounted travel rates.


We are available 24 hours and we take in advance bookings which is free of charge.


Book a maxi cab with us, rest assured you will be served with quality customer service and personalized experience.



  • We offer premium quality transportation service at affordable and discounted travel rates.
  • We are open 24 hours and we take in advance bookings free of charge.
  • Our midnight services commence from 11.45pm to 6.15am.*
  • We do not include any ERP/Road Tolls charges in our fees.
  • No Hidden Charges.
  • Airport arrival pick up and departure drop off
  • Tuas/Tuas South pick up and drop off
  • Ferry and cruise terminal pick up and drop off
  • Transportation during weddings and family events, corporate meetings and conferences
  • City tours for tourists
  • Bulky items transfer
  • Staff transport
  • Bicycle transfer
  • We offer complimentary waiting time of 60 minutes from plane landing time for airport arrival pick up and transfer.
  • We offer complimentary waiting time of 10 minutes for all other transfers.
  • We offer the following vehicles for booking:
    • 9 to 13 seater minibus
    • 7 seater maxi cab
    • 6 seater Toyota Alphard
    • 23-49 Seater Coaches
  • The number of seats can be adjusted according to the amount of luggage to load.
  • There will be a SGD10 charge for every additional 10 minutes of waiting time.
  • There will be a SGD10 charge for every extra stop within 3 kilometres.
  • There will be a SGD15-30 charge for every extra stop that is out of the way of the current route.
  • There will be a SGD10 extra charge for all pick up and drop off at Tuas/Woodlands Checkpoints.
  • There will be a SGD10-15 Surcharge for all trips to Tuas /Tuas South
  • There will be a SGD10 extra charge for all midnight transfers between 11.45pm and 6am.
  • There will be a SGD10 extra charge for child seat.
  • There will be a SGD15 extra charge for Meet & Greet service. Please note that this service is only for arrival passengers only.
  • All credit card transactions are subjected to a 10% administration fee.


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    Mobile Number *- (Please add country code Eg. +65 87497077)

    Email address *(Privacy Policy)

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    Preferred way of contact

    Type of Transfer *

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    Basement Pick up*

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    Payment Mode *

    CashPaynowCredit Card
    *(All Credit Card Transactions are subjected to 10% Admin Surcharge)

    Trip Booking Between 2345hrs- 0615hrs*

    (Midnight Surcharge SGD10)

    Additional Stops

    Child Seats/Booster Seats

    (Additional SGD10 for each seat provided)

    Out of Way Pick Up/Drop Off Locations (Additional Charges)

    Special Instructions

    Terms of Service*

    Complimentary waiting time 10 mins for all transfers thereafter $10 for every 10 mins of waiting
    For Airport Arrivals.

    Complimentary 60 mins waiting time for all Airport Arrivals after flight lands thereafter $10 for every
    10 mins of waiting.

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